More About Us


It all started when Jerry Awram became interested in bees through the father of a school friend, causing him to study apiculture. After finishing his B. Sc. and M. Sc. degrees, Jerry went to the U.K. to study bumble bees, and obtained his PhD in 1970. Then, he accepted the job of Provincial Apiculturist for Alberta and began keeping bees on the side. After resigning from this position in 1973, he and his wife Pia ran their beekeeping business full time along with raising their growing family.

In 2003, Worker Bee Honey opened its doors to the public through the addition of an extensive tour area. The first thing that you see when entering the building is a huge wall of bees. This glass observation hives allows visitors to see right into the hive. People can watch as bees dance to communicate to other bees where to find the best nectar. Visitors can try to spot the queen and can see her laying eggs in the honeycomb while her attendants surround her. Beyond the wall of bees visitors can experience guided or self-guided tours. Large windows have been installed throughout the building to allow visitors to see all aspects of the business, from extraction of the honey to packaging and labelling. Visitors can view the lab where soaps, lip balm, body lotions and many other products are made. People can read the information posted around the tour area to learn more.

Honeyview Farm produces specialty honey from blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and other flowers. In addition, we have created new and interesting products with honey and the other natural substances produced by the bees such as pollen, propolis, royal jelly and beeswax. Our products have been shipped as far as Europe and Japan.