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Jars of pure honey from Honeyview Farm


We have developed specialty blends of honey with fruits such as cranberries, raspberries and strawberries as well as producing delicious spice blends of cinnamon or ginger with honey. For coffee lovers we produce our 'Honey & Espresso'. These blends are designed to spread easily and make a welcome change from jams and other spreads.

We have also carefully designed and tested our own line of body care products that incorporate the natural wholesomeness of bees. For example, pollen is exceptionally rich in natural amino acids, proteins and enzymes and has been used to enrich our creams

and hand salves. Propolis is used by the bees as a natural antibiotic and is an excellent additive to our soaps made with beeswax and honey, as well as being useful for promoting healing and well being in our propolis creams and tinctures. We also produce an excellent lip balm containing beeswax and honey to seal in moisture and prevent chapping.

We produce pure beeswax candles that are superior to paraffin candles because they burn longer and do not give off toxins such as acetone and benzene.

Honeyview Farm has made it our business to promote bees so that their benefits are known and enjoyed by all.

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